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Superintendent Search Service

GSBA's superintendent search team can help your board find the CEO that's right for your district.

The selection of a Superintendent of Schools is one of the most important functions performed by a local board of education. When superintendent vacancies occur, GSBA provides technical assistance to local boards at their request to help them organize and conduct a systematic and effective superintendent search.

GSBA Superintendent Search Process

GSBA reviews the applications and sorts them based on how well they align with what the board has published as the criteria. The board of education is given ALL of the applications so they can make all of the final decisions. Applicants selected for interviews by the board will be contacted by the search leader. When interviews are scheduled, it is noted on the status chart (see link also on the left side of this page). It is only after the interview process and after the board chooses finalists that the names and other information on just the finalists are made public according to state law. The board must wait 14 days after announcing finalists to make their final selection. The status chart is updated to reflect the board’s decision as soon as possible.

NEW Online Application Process

GSBA is now conducting superintendent searches through an online process. The process will enable candidates to create and update an online application even prior to applying for a specific position. A completed general Superintendent of Schools application consists of several basic sections that are common to all applications.  When applying for a specific position, you are required to complete an additional page that correlates to the criteria set by that board of education. So, even though you may complete a general application on file with us, you must return to access your record (using the log in and password of your choosing that you created early in the process) and indicate that you want to be considered for a particular vacancy. It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for any specific position listed on our website and complete all submission requirements for that position.

You may modify and/or resubmit the information in your file at any time by using the log in and password you created. Please remember your log in and password for your convenience, but if you forget your password, follow the system prompts. 

Your application will remain in the active status in the system for at least a year without any further activity associated with it. You will be notified when your status changes to inactive so that you can log in and reactivate your application file.

Incomplete applications (either for the general pool or a specific position) will expire after 90 days and will NOT be retained in the system. To avoid losing the information you have entered, submit your completed application within 90 days. 

Click the link below to begin:
Superintendent Candidate Online Application 

Searches Currently in Progress with GSBA

The following is a list of the current searches being conducted by GSBA on behalf of local school systems. Click on the links below for more information.

Additional Superintendent Vacancies (searches not being conducted by GSBA)

GSBA is also a member of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) an organization supported by the National School Boards Association (NSBA). NASS is a nationwide network of experienced search professionals from other state school boards associations. For a list of superintendent vacancies nationwide, as well as additional information on NASS, click the following link:

The following Georgia search is not being conducted by GSBA.  For additional information regarding this search, click on the school system name.